Community Care Sites

Naturopathic Medicine Community Care - San Diego

Bastyr University California's external clinic program provides basic natural health care to diverse, often underserved, populations throughout San Diego county. The program consists of sites where advanced naturopathic medicine (ND) students provide free or reduced-rate care under the supervision of Bastyr clinical faculty. 

Alternative Healing Network

Alternative Healing Network is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of integrative healing arts and improves access to alternative health care in underserved neighborhoods. They offer free weekly Eastern and Western healing arts services for underserved communities, including detoxification, anti-stress therapies, preventive care and treatments for asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and other health issues. Bastyr naturopathic students and doctors provide free medical services at each of the three clinic locations.

Location: Downtown San Diego, City Heights
Address: Tubman Chavez Center (415 Euclid Avenue), City Heights Wellness Center (4440 Wightman, Suite 200) and YWCA/Becky’s House Women’s Shelter (private)
Phone Number: (619) 546-4806
Shift Supervisor: Matthew Cavaiola, ND
Patient Population: Multi-ethnic (including Spanish-speaking), low income, homeless, underserved
Modality: Naturopathic Medicine
Shift Schedule: Thursday, 2 - 6 p.m.
Cost Per Visit: Free

EJE Academies Charter School

Excellence and Justice Elementary Academy (EJE) is a nonprofit, public charter school serving elementary and middle school students from and around the El Cajon District. The school’s mission is “Justice, Service and Excellence from the Heart.” EJE Academy is committed to creating a space where students are expected to learn, succeed and be able to compete in the global economy. The dual-language academy serves primarily (75 percent) Latino students. Bastyr naturopathic students and doctors provide free weekly health services to students and their families.

Location: El Cajon, California
Address: 772 S. Johnson Avenue (inside First United Methodist Church, across from EJE Academy)
Phone Number: (619) 401-4150
Shift Supervisor: Sunshine Weeks, ND
Patient Population: Primarily Spanish-speaking, low-income children and their families that attend EJE Academy
Modality: Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule: Tuesday, 3 – 7 p.m. (second shift coming in September 2017 on Thursday afternoons)
Cost Per Visit: Free